So who am I? Who are 'we'?

I am Andrew James, an experienced Web Developer and Web Business Solutions provider with over than 18 years web experience combined with 20 years of business management in International markets.

The big plus is that I have my own complete back office team of 14 developers, with all their additional skills that allow me to offer you a unique development and support service with European Contracts and communication but at ‘offshore’ rates.

I live and work from my well equipped (overly, according to my wife) office in a barn conversion in a tiny ‘hamlet’ at the start of the Champagne Route in France but only 5O miles from the centre of Paris.

When starting to grow Web Support I chose to ignore the ‘traditional’ approach of assembling and hiring an ‘onsite’ team of people who come into the office from nine to five each day, where my hiring selection was limited to those who live within commuting distance and instead made a conscious decision to work with the best talent on the planet, wherever they live, embracing a new model: a distributed team.

I believe that a distributed team is an innovative way to get things done with remote talent around the world, providing you with greater efficiency and more flexibility. As a result, our team structure is a lot different.

In this new hybrid model, our on-site and remote employees join forces to tackle projects big and small.

If you’re reading this skeptically and thinking, “This approach really isn’t for me,” you wouldn’t be the first. It’s a fairly typical first reaction—until you experience working with a high-functioning distributed team firsthand. My clients quickly discover that this ‘distributed team’ model offers an unrivalled ‘flexibility’ when looking for all the skills they need under one ‘virtual roof’ and they see how valuable it can be.

Main benefits:

  • A ‘one stop’ point of contact
  • All the development skills you need under one ‘virtual roof’
  • Support ‘Ninjas’ in every major time zone for rapid response
  • ‘Offshore rates’ with a single European Project Manager
  • An enforceable European contract, in plain English
  • You aren’t paying for my ‘overheads’
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