You design, we build!

At Web Support Ltd we’ve worked with plenty of businesses over the years, including design, development and marketing agencies, to produce custom designed white label websites. As we’re super flexible, we’re happy to work as part of your team or behind the scenes as a sub-contractor.

We offer a ‘build to your design’ service or we’ll design for you. You decide how much you want to handle ‘in-house’ and how much you want to delegate to us. That way, you control your budget.

Every website we produce is custom made so whatever your clients are looking for, we can create the website you want to deliver. You can give your clients full control of their website via an easy to use content management system, which will be branded in your company’s image.

As far as your clients are concerned, your company will produce everything they ask for in house.

  • Your Design or Ours?

    We deliver ‘pixel-perfect’ websites from your design or our team can start from the ‘Design’ stage and provide you with ‘visuals’ to present as ‘your own’..

  • Superfast Loading, Light-Weight Theming

    Our WordPress Development Standards provide for a light-weight, fast loading theme (without the bloat) that are 100% ‘update proof’ in every respect, but of course we will discuss and advise exactly what is best for your project!

  • Trusted Core Plugins for Optimum Functionality

    Websites secured and monitored to keep them CLEAN, guaranteed!

  • Performance Optimised

    We ‘tweak’, support and fix all issues (first 15 minutes free with all plans)

  • Scaleable Pricing

    We offer scaleable pricing according to the number of websites you need managing

  • You Choose the Plans

    You set the monthly plans and rates you want to charge your clients

  • A Single Monthly Invoice

    We invoice your once a month, in the currency of your choice, payable by local bank transfer or card/Stripe/Paypal if you prefer.

  • Personlised Monthly Care Plan Reports

    You receive a single zipped download with all ‘personalised’ reports, on the 1st of every month.

We aren’t just your WordPress support team, we help BOOST your revenue and your PROFIT

Our WordPress support service gives your business a whole new revenue stream. You can offer website care plans to each of your customers: charge a monthly fee of your choice to manage their WordPress site, and then sit back and enjoy the income.

It won’t take up any time or headspace – it’s monthly recurring income with no extra work yes, it really is as good as it sounds.

We bill you once a month, on the date of your choice, with a single detailed invoice for all accounts cared for by us, for you.

And you get a detailed Website Care Report for each and every client, every month, branded as ‘your company‘.

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